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Do I need to file a tax return?

Do I need to File a Return: This application will help you determine if you have to file a federal income tax return.
If you do not have to file a tax return, it will help you determine if you should file a tax return to claim any credit or refund that you are due.
Information You Will Need:
  • Citizenship status and filing status
  • Knowledge of any income you have from outside the United States
  • Federal income tax withheld
  • Basic information to help you determine your gross income
Estimated Completion Time: 12 minutes. However: 5 minutes of inactivity will end the interview and you will be forced to start over.
The following interview covers the same questions you would answer if you called the IRS toll-free tax assistance telephone number or if you came into a Taxpayer Assistance Center.
Please click the link below to begin the application process.
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