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7 Smart Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund

An income tax refund can never come at a bad time! The only hard thing about getting "free" money is deciding how to spend it. You could always blow it on some gadget you'll forget about in a month. Or, you can spend your tax refund on something that will benefit you in the long run - like, your finances. If you're due a refund, here are some smart ways to spend it that will improve your credit and reduce your debt.

Putting your refund away for a rainy day is a wise decision.

Why you need to check your credit report

Ed note:Your credit score may just seem like another ordinary number, but there is actually quite a lot to learn from your credit report.Meg FavreauofWise Breadlooks at some of the most revealing things you’ll find....

Your credit report is one of the most powerful financial tools you have access to, and checking your report regularly can help you do everything from buy a house to catch a criminal. If you’ve never checked your credit report before, you might wonder why you need to now — after all, you’ve gotten along fine without it.

Starting a Business?

Starting a new business on your own can be both intimidating and rewarding at the same time. Hopefully; with a solid business plan and proper guidance those stepping-out on their own will be successful. To make this process a little easier, here are some basic tax considerations a new business owner should take into account.
Choosing Your Type of Business Entity
One of the first decisions that you will have to make is to choose the type of entity that you wish your business to operate as. Your choice plays a factor in your personal liability for the business’ activities and how taxes are imposed on the business and yourself as the owner.

How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Taxes

What does the government shutdown mean for those who are finishing up their taxes?
  • For the 12 million taxpayers who filed an extension the deadline remains October 15. E-filing the return is the best way to ensure timely processing in the event there is a prolonged time before the government is fully operational. Write your post here.
Will there be delays for e-filed returns? Or for direct deposit?
  • For taxpayers who recently filed, including the millions of expatriates who live or work abroad, the IRS has started processing their return.

Top 10 most taxed U.S cities

While federal tax rates stay the same regardless of where the taxpayer lives, the same is not true for state and local taxes. The tax burden of taxpayers living in different parts of the United States varies due to differences in state and local income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes and automobile taxes. So how does your city stack up?
Drumroll please…
The top ten cities* with the highest tax burden for a hypothetical family of three making $50,000 in 2011:
#10 Boston, MA

10 Ways Getting Married Affects Your Taxes

1.Filing status.Once you get married, the only filing statuses that can be used on your tax return aremarried filing jointly (MFJ)ormarried filing separately (MFS). Your filing status is determined on December 31 of each year, so even though you were not married the entire tax year, you do not have the option of filing as single. Generally,married filing jointlyprovides the most beneficial tax outcome for most couples. One reason for this is that some deductions and credits are reduced or not available to married couples filing separate returns.

Affordable Beach Getaways

Here is a list of the top 3 cheapest beach destinations in the U.S.
 #1 Myrtle Beach, SC
Situated along the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach tops the list with its affordable lodging and restaurant options. With so many beachside condos and timeshares, there are plenty of great deals for those looking for a beach vacation. For as low as $120 per night in high season, guests can book a 2-bedroom condo at the Ocean Creek Resort. Many timeshare resorts also offer summer specials like complimentary breakfast, free nights and other savings.

True Cost of Being Single

Ed Note:We don’t often think this way, but our relationship status is more than just a detail on our Facebook profile – it’s also an important part of our tax forms. Whether you’re single or married can make an impact on the financial benefits you are entitled to, and being single doesn’t always prove to be the most finances-friendly option.  Kristina ofDINKS Finance, blogger and former financial planner extraordinaire, helps out with some financial tips for singles.
When you first meet someone, do you look at their left hand to see if they are wearing a wedding ring?

Changes in Technology in Business

The changes in computer, information and communication technology are influencing all aspects of the business world, from marketing and networking to research and development. Understanding and utilizing the advancements in the technology industry are vital for any business owner, worker, orinvestorif they want to continue growing their business and attracting new customers and clients.
  • Advancements in mobile technology allow employers and employees to communicate in newer, faster ways.

Steps to form a 501 C3 Organization

First, does the Organization have an Appropriate Legal Form? The organization must be organized as atrust, acorporation, or anassociation.
When you incorporate the organization’s articles it must contain certain provisions.  In addition, an organization's assets must be permanently dedicated to an exempt purpose.  This means that if an organization dissolves, its assets must be distributed for an exempt purpose described in section 501(c)(3), to the federal government, to a state or the local government for a public purpose.
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